Brisbane’s industrial market prospects are for slow growth in the short term with a much improved position in 2 to 3 years

by admin | 26th October 2010

While the Sydney/Melbourne centric media report more favourable commercial property marketing conditions,Queensland, including the southeast is less so because of its previous overdependence of commercial property credit obtained from low margin overseas borrowings through our regional banks and their subsequent withdrawal from the market.

There was an increase of industrial sales last financial yearbut the average value per transaction was lower with most transactions worth less than $3m and a high number being less than $1m in value. Vacant buildings comprised of over 70% of sales, while investments were about 20%, with land making up the balance.

The market obviously was favourable for cashed up buyers, with existing investments not under financial pressure. These buyers have been able to “bottom feed”, and with bank support, can obtain good deals that will provide excellent growth into the future.

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