Why your investment property’s flooding potential makes it doubly critical to choose the right property manager. Here’s the story:

by admin | 10th March 2011

On the 9th and 10th of January a substantial portion of the office/warehouse stock in, for example, the Rocklea and Sumner Park precincts, went underwater, sometimes as high as 4m, and none of this was available for damage assessment  until the morning of the 14th.

While horror stories abound concerning lax, inept or downright dishonest  flood related inspection and repair work, we’re proud  to say that those owners who  had their inundated properties taken care of by King & Co’s Property Management Division enjoyed entirely positive experiences. These include

•Our ability to provide Immediate inspection, rubbish removal and site remediation
•Our ability to instantaneously engage a wide range of tradesmen
•Our ability to quickly relocate tenants while their spaces were being worked on
•Our ability to  find alternate permanent  facilities should repair be out of the question

Indeed King & Co Property Management Division was able to save 95% of our investors’ tenants, putting most of them back in business within a few weeks after  the flood event…process that not only saved jobs and protected rental income but will go a long way in stabilising property values

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