Kings Counsel Autumn 2011

by admin | 4th May 2011

The King’s Counsel Autumn 2011 contains our 36th comprehensive marketing campaign and, as in the past, offers a diverse range of industrial and commercial properties for sale or lease.  Previously known as the King’s Ransom,this format has had an excellent success rate, with the  previous efforts selling more than $835 million worth of property, and leasing an equally impressive amount of GFA.

To achieve even better results, King’s Counsel marketing campaigns now feature 44 page booklets, in a glossy magazine style prepared to a high quality of presentation and posted, or otherwise distributed, to 7,000 potential buyers. For an optimal promotion, vendors/lessors are also encouraged to advertise their properties in the Courier-Mail. Needless to say, shared costs make this method less expensive than its standalone equivalent. Indeed, our property ad prices are up to 20% less than before.

The King’s Counsel will also, as in the past, include our often cited overall market analysis (with graphs), a detailed analysis of sales and leasing  trends of every industrial suburb around and near Brisbane, as well as a feature critiquing the “Lawyerisation of Queensland Planning and Development as exemplified by the Sustainable Planning Act”.

The timing of this campaign is purposely positioned to take advantage of  the continued“adjustments” in the sharemarket and that has seen  heretofore reluctant investors return to the industrial/commercial property market. Similarly, it is mindful of high demand for and low availability of owner/occupier stock.

In this edition – Issue 36

* Stewards or mercenaries? Accounatbliity for planning future growth in Brisbane’s floodplains
* An update on commercial leases and land tax
* Brisbane’s industrial market prospects are good, with growing credit availability and business confidence – despite the flooding
* King & Co proposes that the State/City Governments reduce their land taxes and rates to reflect the post flood economic realities
* Into the suburbs and around the city fringe: current sales and leasing trends

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