Christmas Message 2013

by admin | 20th December 2012

For some the Christmas and New Year period is a time for great reflection, a time for setting goals for the future but most importantly a time to be with your family and friends.

On behalf of the directors and team at King & Co Property Consultants I wish you the very best for Christmas and an exceptionally prosperous new year.

Thank you for your business over the last year and we look forward to continuing our relationship over the next year.

I am confident that we will wake up on 1 January 2013 having survived all sorts of calamity of the past year including the Mayan predictions of world end scheduled for 21 December 2012!  So the outlook is good.

I recently read an article in the ‘Sold’ magazine which asked the question ‘what is holding us back?’. The author of the article, L Janusz Hooker suggested the media as one thing that is holding us back.  Astutely, he said ‘if you put down the newspaper, turn off the TV, log offline and look around, you will see that we are the ‘lucky country’.  He then goes on to say that we have every reason to be excited about the future.

That is so true.  We have some of the lowest interest rates ever recorded and our unemployment rate has fallen to 5.2%. Australia is in the part of the world that has been growing phenomenally and will continue to do so. Does it really matter if China’s growth fluctuates a little?  Our political system is strong, we don’t have coup d’états, we can decide who we want to govern our country and we exercise this right sometimes cautiously and sometimes vigorously as we recently did in the Queensland state election.  The rest of the world love us – look at our exchange rate.  As a state and country we have everything going for us!

The media is all about sensation – promoting the negative and sensationalising it, and don’t they do it well!

I’m not so sure that we can completely turn off the TV, log off and stop reading the papers but we can pay less attention to the media negativity, perhaps learn to take it with a grain of salt. We can get excited about the future and use our positive attitude to improve ourselves, our family, our business, our country and so on.

So here’s to it, no more negative navel gazing, less media input and more business creativity and enthusiasm.  Let’s get excited, the future is ours to take in 2013, let’s get on with it!!!

Wayne J Robson
General Manager

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