New Australian Government Significant Investor Visa Program

by admin | 25th January 2013

As Brisbane’s leading specialist in industrial property sales and leasing, King & Co applauds the Australian Government’s recent decision to provide a new pathway for migrant investors coming to Australia.

The ‘Significant Investor Visa’ program involves a new stream of business visas and targets high net worth individuals seeking to migrate to Australia.  Significantly, one of the requirements is that visa applicants must ‘make investments of at least five (5) million dollars into complying investments’.  Complying investments include qualifying businesses in Australia many of which are likely to need to buy or lease industrial and commercial premises.

King & Co General Manager, Wayne Robson, commented ‘We understand that it is anticipated that as many as 700 wealthy foreign investors may be eligible for the scheme.  With the focus of the program being on business and given Queensland’s strong economy this program could provide a substantial boost to Brisbane’s industrial real estate sales and leasing market.

Further details on ‘Significant Investor Visa’ program can be found at

Wayne J Robson
21 January 2013

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