Just Released – King’s Counsel – Winter 2014

by admin-king | 14th July 2014

Welcome to the 41st edition of the King’s Counsel magazine!

King’s Counsel is designed to inform readers about the latest trends and developments in the industrial property market.   Our area reviews have a reputation for providing the most up-to-date market intelligence in the business.

We have a tradition of stimulating public debate and discussion.  In this Political Road Planning in Australia by Dr John Goldberg raises a number of very interesting points about how infrastructure projects are evaluated.

In recent editions we have  on key industrial suburbs.  Our article, Why the South West Corridor & Ipswich?’ provides an overview of important developments in this vibrant and most important industrial region.

We trust that you will benefit from reading this edition.

Download a PDF of King’s Counsel – Winter 2014 – Issue 41

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