Kings Word – Autumn 2013

Welcome to the first edition of King’s Word, our official property management newsletter. In this edition we cover the ever-important topic of dealing with ‘make good’ clauses in leases with an article prepared by the experts from Napier & Blakeley.

This edition also profiles our team of property managers. Our team approach and ‘We get results’ culture ensure our clients get the best possible outcomes.

I hope you enjoy this edition.
Wayne J Robson CPA.

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Taking the ‘Sting out of the Tail’ at Lease Expiry

Disruption, potential unplanned costs and conflict at the end of a lease due to make good obligations can sour what has been a solid commercial relationship between landlord and tenant. This can complicate the tenant’s move or the re-letting of the premises. The pressures of a poorly set up lease in terms of documentation, understanding of the consequences of  the relevant clauses from a technical perspective and agreement as to the condition at occupation, or of future alterations, are self evident for both parties.

Properly qualified building consultants should be actively utilised in such processes due to their knowledge and understanding of leasing and legal aspects combined with their expertise in building conditioning and rectification. The proactive stance is to bring all parties together prior to the signing of the lease to agree not only the terms of occupation, lease and physical condition but also to the process at lease expiry.  read more……