The Industrial suburb of Berrinba

Zoned MIBA (Mixed Industry Business Area), the Berrinba industrial precinct was designed/designated by Logan City Council (LCC) as an employment node for the region. It was planned that businesses locating there were to those encouraging higher employment opportunities, especially to those of higher skills rather then typical blue collar type industries.

Good intensions aside, that is how the area has progressed, as many high tech industries with skilled employees are establishing themselves there. Designed to be a premium office/warehouse location in one of the fastest growing corridors in SE Qld, it has become one of the largest land holdings along the Logan Motorway.

The Berrinba Industrial area is made up predominantly of the 60 ha Loganlink estate, both South in Logan and North in Brisbane, with Wembley Road as the dividing line, and the LCC developed SouthWest 1 on the Southern side of the Logan Motorway. Australand are also developing a smaller estate closer to Logan City.

All these areas have achieved substantial precommittments from major industries and businesses. Once Council approval is given, Toll can be expected to start construction of a 43,663m2 depot for its NQX division on 134,317m2 of land, with a completion date early next year. In addition, Stoddart Manufacturing is putting up a 25,000m2 distribution centre on a 50,000m2 parcel, while ATCO is amalgamating three facilities it operates elsewhere into a 40,000m2 structure on 97,000m2  of land. The Stoddart project is also expected to come on line during the early part of 2013, while ATCO’s will be ready early 2014

The first estate developed here was Loganlink South Stage 1, which was purchased by Industrial Development Group (IDG) off the plan back in 2006. This new estate was developed in Logan Shire by Indigo Property. It is the first stage of over 60 ha of industrial land. The GFC subsequently claimed the Indigo scalp and stages 2 & 3 sat dormant until recently, with Stage 3 achieving almost completely sold prior to completion.

Following the success of new industrial estates at Larapinta, Crestmead and Meadowbrook, there has been a need for more quality industrial development along the Logan Motorway but with faster/easier access. Loganlink South is that location. Logan Motorway access is now a key requirement for many industrial businesses operating in SE Qld due to its central access and positioning. Loganlink South provides fast easy access to this and other major road networks, proximity to staff and client living areas as well as a central location to other business and customers in Logan, the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Meanwhile, Prospect Place, Berrinba, should provide an ideal location for a business requiring a quality office component with good warehouse facilities close to major amenities and road infrastructure. Being approx 4 kms from the heart of the Logan CBD, linked directly to the major road networks via the Logan Motorway and Gateway Arterial, and within a new and emerging area underlines this as a premium location of the future. The Logan City Council concept for this new area is as a (MIBA) estate, offering space for low impact commercial, industrial, distribution and warehouse type businesses.

Clearly, Berrinba ticks all the boxes for a modern industrial estate.