Counsel 2004

Spring 2004 – Issue 23

Spring2004* Here we go again! Brisbane’s running out of serviced industrial land, while all surrounding shires and cities are gleefully getting ready to absorb the overflow
* Capturing betterment – A neglected source of public revenue
* For whom the road really tools
* Brisbane’s industrial sales market shoots above $1 billion
* Ins and outs of Brisbane’s suburban/city fringe industrial property market

Autumn 2004 – Issue 22

Autumn2004* Financing our roads, rail, tunnels & bridges. The case for infrastructure bonds
* Pretence, Perversity & Procrastination. A stocktake of Queensland planning
* Time for action on growth management
* Realistic public administration is the key
* One billion dollars and steady
* Ins and outs of Brisbane’s industrial real estate market