A regional parks system for SEQ will benefit the industrial property sector

‘PARK’ is a promiscuous term. To the family man, it can mean a remote, pristine wilderness, as in ‘national park’; or a nearby mown public space for walking the dog, as in ‘local park’. To professionals in the industrial property sector, on the other hand, it commonly appears in the labels ‘industrial park’ or ‘container park’, neither being notable for their green space.

Yet the owners and tenants of industrial property – and their agents – should take a strong interest in the provision of public green space in the new suburbs. Why? Because people, as well as buildings, occupy industrial property. Because industrial property needs protection from flooding through soft engineering of floodways. Because a program of public park acquisition can partly relieve developers of the obligation to surrender land at the time of subdivision. And because harmonious environs increase the value of any property. South-East Queensland is under-provided with large recreational parks in the localities of rapid urban development. This paper argues that the time is right for an innovative programme of park acquisition.

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Dr Geoff Edwards is an independent scholar and Adjunct Research Fellow with Griffith University’s Centre for Governance and Public Policy. He retired from the Queensland Public Service (Mines and Energy) in July 2011. He is qualified in ecological science and public administration. In 1980-86 he was a local government councillor. In 1984-86 he was Manager, Metropolitan Parks in Melbourne. In 1994-95 he was the Manager of the SEQ Regional Open Space System in its foundational year. The views expressed are his own.