Corporate Profile

Who is King & Co and why are we industry leaders

Since opening its doors for business in 1988, King & Co Property Consultants has become the leading ’boutique’ agency in Southeast Queensland’s highly competitive city fringe/suburban industrial and commercial real estate markets.

The reasons for this success are not complex: Our specialist divisions offer unparalleled expertise in selling, buying, leasing, managing or advising on a client’s property needs… and does so within a well honed combination of long term experience, a balanced mix of qualifications, management practices, up to date technology, accessibility and, importantly, old fashioned service.


To maintain our expertise at a high level, King & Co agents and support staff are required to undertake in-house training and external courses on a regular basis…a process that also encourages them to take advantage of their academic backgrounds and upgrade their professional qualifications.

This proficiency has received wide media recognition and has made King & Co a respected authority on Brisbane’s industrial/commercial property market. Indeed, our analyses are regularly published in the press and the Company is often invited by major valuers, quantity surveyors and other professional bodies to contribute to their publications, reports or seminars. In addition, we use this knowledge in our role as a good corporate citizen, regularly putting important issues on the public and political agenda, mostly via the King’s Counsel, our biannual newsletter.

Flat management structure

To sustain and nurture quality service, King & Co has adopted a ‘hands on’ approach to management in conjunction with an ‘open plan-open door’ office layout. This policy not only allows for more sensitive leadership but, when necessary, facilitates quick decisions due to a lack of internal bureaucracy. Moreover, clients benefit from the fact that a collegial atmosphere makes for better information sharing (all of which will be kept strictly confidential).


To meet the challenge of new technologies, King & Co has committed considerable effort and funding to a unique, state of the art computer system that integrates our marketing, property management, advisory, organisational, statistical, mailing, support as well as listing and financial databases. It is considered the most sophisticated in the industry and allows us to provide clients and customers with an up to date and timely data on which to base their investment decisions, and manages transactions from start to finish.

Needless to say, Email and Web access are important components of these services, particularly our constantly updated Web site, which can be found at

Lower overheads and ease of access

King & Co was the first among many agencies to set up its headquarters outside the CBD. This decision has left us physically closer to our primary market, provides for lower overheads and creates better accessibility…benefits that are then passed on to our clients and customers.

Local focus

To maintain quality service at a reasonable cost we need only one office to suit our operations, a 130 year old, fully renovated building at 99 Annerley Road, Woolloongabba…a particularly important factor since most of our transactions are made in SE Queensland and a suburban, near City location affords both convenience and ease of parking. This is not to say we don’t have a significant client base outside this area, we do, but it has not been necessary for us to formally affiliate with national or international entities beyond the short term, and only then if it’s by request.

Old fashioned service

Old fashioned service consists of attention to detail, knowledge of the market, awareness of legal procedures and special treatment for every client and customer, big or small. While attentiveness anchors our efforts, it’s clear that success in the new millennium will go to those agencies which provide appropriate and timely service, keep in step with change, offer innovation and, most importantly, bring results. If the past is any measure, King & Co’s future should be a bright one…and so should those of our clients and customers.

Why choose King & Co as your agent?

With few exceptions, the buying, selling, leasing, managing or developing of industrial or commercial property should be left in the hands of real estate agencies with the experience, expertise and track record to assist in achieving the best result. In choosing this important professional please consider the following:

King & Co has a success rate second to none…providing nearly 40% of Brisbane’s industrial property transactions and selling nearly 91% of properties we put under the hammer

King & Co can provide the best statistical databases, trend analyses, market intelligence, development advice and promotional/advertising acumen in the business

King & Co Property Management enjoys a substantial and increasing portfolio as clients seek its professional services

King & Co provides corporations, investors and developers with assistance that includes, but is not limited to, site identification and selection, land acquisition, feasibility analysis, planning and building/subdivisional design

King & Co has committed considerable financial and staffing resources towards a confidential, state of the art listing program with access to thousands of potential investors, owner/occupiers or tenants

King & Co agents have proven proficiency in the art of mediation, negotiation and closing, a particularly important factor when a high level of complexity is involved

King & Co agents are conversant in construction techniques, town planning, quantity surveying, appraisal and have a detailed knowledge of legislation procedures/practices relating to the non-residential property market

King & Co agents usually have tertiary degrees and all are constantly upgrading their professional qualifications, both institutionally and via regular in-house training sessions

King & Co provides its agents with the appropriate number of qualified support staff so that they can concentrate wholly on the needs of their clients and customers

King & Co maintains contact with those entities best able to provide a competitive range of financial packages and tax advantages

King & Co’s 23 agents have served the company an average of 12 years, therefore are aware of the pitfalls so often overlooked by the less experienced

King & Co is large enough to be able to compete with any of its peers but small enough to offer personalised service

That’s Why!