Maximise the Benefits from your Investment

Obtaining the best returns from your investment property requires optimum management of the property.

Property management means more than just rent collection. Competent management of the property is crucial in maintaining the capital value of the investment.

Good management involves a wide variety of knowledge and skills. Property managers are responsible for maintenance, security, financial planning, accounting, marketing, and lease administration.

Some owners and tenants find it difficult to discuss problems with each other and find it easier to communicate through a property manager. Finding a solution is the role of the property manager.

A professional property manager has easy access to reliable and pertinent information and has an established network of contacts to provide this essential support. The skilful application of this information ensures informed decisions can be made and carried out.

Negotiating rental increases, as an example, may cause problems because of the lack of information. Rental increases may be either to CPI annually, to market, or by a fixed percentage. For an owner/manager access to this type of information may be difficult and time consuming but for the property manager, this information is readily available.

The property manager is also interested in the long-term value of the investment. This means implementing regular maintenance programs and ensuring all collections are achieved.

A proficient property manager is always strongly supported by leasing staff. If a vacancy occurs this support ensures the property does not sit vacant for any length of time.

To receive the maximum benefits from your investment, employ a professional property manager, and let the manager do the hard work for you.

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