King & Co Property Management is the industrial property management specialists where “Your Property is Our Priority.”

King & Co is a dedicated industrial property agency, and for 30 years we have been offering sales, leasing, property management and property development services to property owners in South East Queensland.

Our management team understands that an owner’s investment strategy is to maximise cash flow and properly maintain an asset to deliver annual returns and long term capital growth. That’s why our team are focused on strong tenant relationships, prompt attention to issues as they arise and delivery of market insight that assists owners to make the right decisions when it comes to their property.

Our dedicated industrial market specialists and full agency resources allow the experienced King & Co Property Management team to consistently deliver great results for landlords. Whether your property is a small strata unit or a large corporate facility, the King & Co team have the experience and the know how to manage your property.

* A weekly funds transfer – it is your money
* Dedicated hands on and value add approach
* A specialist industrial property management operating 24/7
* The strength of a sales and leasing team with 250 years of combined experience

Our team are happy to meet with you to discuss a competitive property management proposal to manage your properties. In celebration of 30 years of King & Co, our management team are offering attractive incentives if we are successful in securing your properties.

Peter Roberts
Director, Property Management &
Professional Services
m: 0412 055 884


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